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Picture Books – Animal Themed

These picture books are delights … and they all star Animals!


welcome-homeWelcome Home Christina Booth (Ford Street)

I adore animal books that are beautifully crafted in illustration and text and this one does both. Welcome Home is quite possibly the best that I have seen this year and needs to be on the bookshelf of every adult and child.

The lyrical text … When I heard her call, it came from the river, echoing off the mountain like a whisper while the moon danced on the waves reveals a gentle and emotive story where a young boy hears a whale calling to him, telling her story – the story of what has happened before, of her fear for safety for her and her young calf. And now the young boy hears two voices calling, for these days are different than the disastrous days that have gone before – Welcome Home.

Beautifully written evocative book telling the story of both the whale and the boy; the sadness and joy, delight and despair for both. The full page illustrations created in water colour, ink, pencil and crayon are intricately crafted as are the endpapers. The book also contains a double page spread of facts in text and illustrations about the whales with teachers notes also available at Christina’s website:

Do watch the trailer


the-little-corroboree-frogThe Little Corroboree Frog Tracey Holton-Ramirez & Angela Ramirez (Magabala)

This is such an important book. And with themes such as the environment, pollution, human intervention and life cycles, it should be in every home and school. The story is simply written, with clear illustrations. The end of the book also has a double page of facts about the frog including web references.

This is the story is of the small highly endangered Corroboree frog, breeding in a swap where the water’s start to dry up which happens earlier than in previous years. This threatens the very existence of the frog and his eggs. An elder frog informs him about the careless humans filling the environment with rubbish so that when a human boy arrives the small frog hops into action and lands on his shoulders. and that is when things begin to change – for the better.


clementine-s-walkClementine’s Walk Annie White (New Frontier)

Clementine is a dog. Clementine is a dog and when she sees her lead Clementine wants to go for a walk . so she sets about asking everyone in her household, the young boy doing a jigsaw puzzle, the nana knitting, the parents, the baby, even the chickens in the coop. no one had time to take clementine for a walk. they were all too busy. but then everyone finishes their tasks and sets about looking for Clementine but she is missing!

The illustrations are lovely and the story, about making time for the important things in life, is told in rhyme. Nice addition is the map in the final endpapers showing Clementine’s walk.


octopuppyOctopuppy Martin McKenna (Scholastic)

This book is way too much fun.

A young boy, Edgar, wanted a dog. Alas, he didn’t get a dog. instead he got an octopus. Even though the octopus was a very clever octopus it couldn’t do anything a dog could do but Edgar thought that with training the octopus could learn to be like a dog. So he sets about and training the octopus until one day the ocotpus displays dog-like traits. Edgar is ecstatic so he enters the octopus into a dog show … with no success. Unloved and unwanted, the octopus leaves and that is when Edgar realises he was wrong and goes out in search of the octopus.

Just delightful story. Wonderfully detailed illustrations and very comical … especially on spreads like the search through the pipes. Close examination is a must for these humorous illustrations in the book and the endpapers. Kids with pet dogs will love looking for their dog too!


Enjoy these wonderful works.

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  1. They are fabulous PB’s and wonderful that you are reviewing boutique publishers as well as the majors.

    October 27, 2013
  2. thanks for sharing, I love fiction too..

    November 12, 2013

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