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Picture Book Delights

Enjoy these ….

thunderstorm-dancingThunderstorm Dancing Katrina Germein & Judy Watson (Allen&Unwin)

This is an absolutely gorgeous story of a family who create their own storm while a thunderstorm erupts outside.

Daddy is the wind. Tommy is the cloud. Poppy is the thunder. Lachie is the lightning. Mummy is the rain and together the family creates a rhythmical and rollicking thunderstorm inside their house dancing and tapping and drumming and rolling until all is quiet inside the house and outside … as Granny is the sun and a sparkling rainbow appears.

Wonderfully lyrical text with sweepingly thunderous illustrations. This book is a joy.


where-is-galah-Where is Galah? Sally Morgan (LittleHare)

Dingo is searching for Galah without success. A wonderful parade of Australian animals are seen or heard, including Emu, Swan, Python, Numbat, Turtle Crocodile, Frog and Kookaburra but Galah remains hidden … until the culmination where there is a wonderful twist when Galah appears exclaiming “Here I am!”

The books created by Bronwyn Bancroft are always gorgeous and this one is no exception. Rich bright colours, and sparse text with the repeated line “But where is Galah?” will make this a regular read.


me-and-mooMe and Moo P. Crumble & Nathaniel Eckstrom (Scholastic)

Me has a friend – it’s Moo and Moo lives under Me’s bed, or at least he did until Moo became too big to live under the bed. Now it is a little less comfy but Moo still lives there.  Me’s parents even allow Moo to live in the house as long as he follows the rules. And Moo is part of the family. Sometimes Moo even goes to school and joins the other special friends there … Oink and Baa and Cluck.

A fun picture book about imaginary friends and finding them in the most unexpected places.


the-toast-treeThe Toast Tree Corina Martin, Fern Martins (Magabala Books)

Every day, Ella and Mia’s grandpa comes home from work with a treat from a special tree – the best-tasting toast in the world with golden brown squares and dripping with honey. The girls search the sand dunes for the tree, with no luck but they do find a bush with yellow cream dripping from the flowers which they enjoyed. Grandpa was sad when he discovered what the girls had done after which he explains about the magic that could disappear.

The Toast Tree is based on a true story revealing the beauty of believing the impossible. The illustrations are delightful evoking the beauty of the Australian bush.

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