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Delightful Picture Books

New titles to devour.

how-the-sun-got-to-coco-s-houseHow the Sun Got to Coco’s House Bob Graham (Walker)

It is always a special day when I see into a new book from this grand creator of picture books .. and this title was no exception.

This book is the story of the sun and its journey through the world as it emerges above ice mountains to cast its rays on travelling polar bears, over waters, getting caught in the eye of a whale, up a beach, through a frozen forest, balancing on an airplane’s wingtips, lighting a city and dimming lights, over deserts, forming puddles, lighting whole countries, until it finally barges through the Coco’s bedroom window to shares the day.

Lovely illustrations, adorable characters, beautifully crafted text celebrating the joy of life and most vitally the importance of the sun. This is adorable.

Endorsed by Amnesty International UK …. because it reminds us that this world belongs to all of us and we all have the right to enjoy life, freedom and safety.


great-and-wondrous-storytellerGreat and Wondrous Storyteller Michael Scott Parkinson (FiveMilePress)

The Great and Wondrous Storyteller, tells great and wondrous stories from the books he reads to anyone who will listen to him. He has read to pirates, queens, kings, children and goldfish. He has read above the clouds and in the deepest oceans. He has read big books and short books and tall books and thick books … but when Penguin gives the Great and Wondrous Storyteller a book to read he stumbles. And that’s when we learn that he has not done all the things of which he boasts and he is not quite the grown up Great and Wondrous Storyteller … but with a little help from his dad, he soon will be.

A lovely tale about challenges and desires and taking baby steps.


piranhas-don-t-eat-bananasPiranhas Don’t Eat Bananas Aaron Blabey (Scholastic)

‘Hey there guys. Would you like a banana? 
What’s wrong with you, Brian? You’re a Piranha.’

Brian is a Piranha with a difference. Brian doesn’t eat meat! He offers all the other piranhas various fruit and vegetables to feast upon … bananas, silverbeet, pea and plums, (young readers will giggle when they read what they do eat instead of plums!). But when they tell Brain to give it a rest Brian persists and promises to stop pestering them IF they try his fruit platter … and of course this has a surprising affirmation.

Hillarious illustrations and rhyming text and will be hugely popular.

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