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Sorry (Cheeky Monkey Manners series), Lisa Kerr (Five Mile Press)

cheeky-monkey-manners-sorryCheeky Monkey loves birthday parties and when he is invited to Georgina Giraffe’s party he knows just what needs to be done. He blows out the candles. He opens the presents and he is the first to pin the tail on the donkey. The problem is that this is not his birthday party. It was Georgina’s giraffes’ birthday party and Cheeky Monkey was the first to do all these things.

How does Cheeky Monkey rectify his display of bad manners? How does Cheeky Monkey say Sorry!

In this series (four title so far including Please, Thank You, Excuse Me) –  Cheeky Monkey learns about manners. And it is with eh help of the village of animals that help this him learn all about life

These hardcover board books, each with a few pages, are just right for little hands and a fun way to introduce manners in book form. The characters are amusing and colourful.


garden-friendsGarden Friends (Touch and Feel Series) Natalie Marshall (Five Mile Press)

For the very young children … here is a lovely touch and feel book that will have the young exploring. Solid text and bright bold blocks of colours are part of each page … along with the sensory component – felted, shiny or raised textures. The story is simple and should engage reader and child with further talk with he actions for each animal being easily recognised.

What are the garden friends doing today?



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  2. Cheeky Monkey learns about manners. And it is with eh help of the village of animals that help this him learn all about life

    July 5, 2016

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