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Dr Karl’s Little Book of SpaceDr Karl’s Little Book of Dino’s, Dr Karl Kruszelnicki (Pan)

Anytime a book crosses the desk from Dr Karl I know that it is going to be accurate, fun and totally engaging for readers young and old … and these titles, even though they are children’s activity books, are no different. In between all the activities, like drawing your own planet, writing a planet poem, or …. there are fascinating facts – like in 11.5 seconds, the Sun dumps enough energy on our planet to satisfy all our energy needs for a whole day. And then a great comparative graphic (a stopwatch with speed indicators) is shown that crystallises the time period. And if you want to know why no one can hear you scream in space … then check out the pages of this book for light-years of astronomical fun!

Likewise,  Dr Karl’s Little Book of Dino’s is filled with activities, dot-to-dots, matching features and of course pages of facts: like dinosaur poo is called coprolites, and that the biggest T. rex poo ever was found in Canada and weighed 7.1kgs. Of course it is a prehistoric world of fun!

These books will be scribbled throughout and searched again and again for the facts. And do look for the smattering of jokes throughout the pages.

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