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Captain Jimmy Cook Discovers X Marks the Spot

Kate & Jol Temple & Jon Foye (Allen&Unwin)

Captain Jimmy Cook is the star of this book. Not the one who was a sailor but the Jimmy Cook who Discovers Third Grade. And Jimmy Cook’s new adventure is all to do with maps and keeping secrets, digging for treasure and dinosaur footprints and accidents that happen along the way when you suddenly realise that you are making the discovery of a lifetime!

Discovering a dinosaur is not so hard but keeping it a secret from your school mates, and teachers and your parents is exceptionally difficult. Jimmy’s dinosaur dig is meant to be top secret but being on school grounds and during school hours, means that eventually the rest of the school discovers why Jimmy is digging a hole. Of course all the other students soon want to join in … and they do, but they are sworn to secrecy. But what they don’t know is that Jimmy has also found a treasure map. It has to be, because there it is marked with a large X. And Jimmy’s enthusiastic digging complete with Captain’s jacket (he is an explorer after all) soon reveals a treasure … although maybe not the treasure he plans. Jimmy also keep a logbook for us to follow his 35 day adventure.

Jimmy Cook continues the tradition established by the creators in the first book in the series (Captain Jimmy Cook discovers Third Grade). It is well written and will engage its targeted readers. There are many humorous turns and it is amazing how that even though things don’t go quite as Jimmy plans, he has a beem on his face and he always seems to land on his feet. The line drawings also add another unique humorous twist to the story. Junior fiction readers will love getting into the Jimmy Cook books.

Find out more at the trailer here.

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