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Danny Blue’s Really Excellent Dream

Max Landrak (Lothian)

A curious boy, and an inventive exploration. Readers won’t feel blue after reading this title.

Danny sees blue everywhere; it’s hard not to when in your whole world  everything is blue, even your dad is known as Mr. Blue. His favourite things are all blue and he dreams are blue too so when Danny has  a dream where he doesn’t see blue, he first sets about finding a resolution for his non-blue dream.

When that doesn’t come to fruition he begins to investigate how to reproduce his dream colour from his Really Excellent Dream (or R.E.D.). Of course not everyone in the community is pleased with the results of his experiment. Many are even unhappy when the change starts to appear but eventually a wonderful result occurs.

The endpapers are cleverly coloured as they investigate blue so make a great discussion point too. Kids will love finding and discussing other ‘blue‘ things.

This is a lovely book that will have many readers loving Blue even more.

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