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The Poesy Ring

A Love Story
Bob Graham (Walker Books)

It’s always a joy to open a new book from Bob Graham and this title continues that tradition. A gifted and masterful storyteller, in words and pictures, his latest creation is the Posey Ring.

Follow the journey of a posey ring, engraved with the message Love Never Dies, as it is tossed by a tearful woman on horseback in Ireland in 1830, and then makes its way over land and in the sea until it is purchased by two loving buskers in a Cash for Gold store in New York in 1967.

Symbolism abounds in the pages of the book, in the animals, the acorn, the oceans, the buskers on the street and the hands. Through the images the gold ring glistens whether it is lying in the field, or a the bottom of the sea or while carried in the beak of one starling in the midst of the murmur, or in a school of fish.

Exquisitely illustrated in his unique style, this a glorious book to share and devour, over and over. Another life and love-affirming story from the picture book master, the multi award winning Bob Graham.

Love is always there, it just needs to be found…

Read an interview with Bob here.

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