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Holiday Trivia and Drawing Time

Here are few books that are great for holiday time fun!

Monster Book of Drawing Bind-up Marc McBride (Scholastic)
Monster Battles, Dangerous Beasts, Mythical Creatures … learn to draw all of these with this wonderful book from the master of fantasy illustration, Marc McBride.
With simple and well presented step-by-step instructions drawing monsters in battle, in flight, and creating your own mythical beast has never been this easy.
As well there are examples of lettering styles for the creatures.

Australia and World Records 2011 Morse & Harris (Scholastic)
Beginning with a section dedicated to just Australian records this book is for the readers who has lots of questions …. like

  • What is Australia’s driest town?
  • What is Australia’s wettest town?
  • Which AFL player has kicked the most goals?
  • What is Australia’s coldest place?
  • What is Australia’s hottest town?
  • Who scored Australia’s highest test innings?

All of these questions and many more world records are answered in the pages of this full colour book. There is even a section on technology, human endurance, music and movies.

World Cricket Records 2011 (Scholastic Australia)
Cricket is not over yet … there’s more to come so here is the book for the fanatics who want records …

  • Who is Australia’s highest test run scorer?
  • Which country has the longest unbeaten streak in test cricket?
  • Which Australian bowler has the Australian record for the most ducks?
  • Who holds the record for the most test dismissals by a wicketkeeper?
  • Who is the only batsman to make three double-centuries in a single test series?

These questions can all be answered in this new edition. Full of cricket trivia and fascinating facts from all formats of the game including test, 20-20 cricket, domestic and women’s cricket, and information about some of the stars past and present, this is a must for cricket buffs.

 Enjoy the facts …..