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Gorgeous Picture Books

It’s a delight to be able to share these books that need to be on bookshelves allover the world!

Brave Squish RabbitBrave Squish Rabbit Katherine Battersby (UQP)

Another squish rabbit book and this is just beautiful!

Squish is a little rabbit and Squish is scared of many things, like storms and chickens and especially the dark. Squish even tried to hide from the dark. To forget his fear Squish played with his friend but when Squish couldn’t find his friend he got scared and goosebumply. Squish has to be brave.

This is a gorgeous book with a simple text that has a strong message about tackling fears and friendship. it is sensitively written. The art work is a collage combination of traditionally created illustrations and mixed media like torn papers, textiles and chicken feathers! The endpapers are delightful and the covers padded for extra squishiness.


Hey Baby!Hey Baby! Corinne Fenton (BlackDogBooks)

Filled with luscious photographs of baby animals including a ring tailed lemur, kitten, finch, chimpanzee, duckling, porcupine, fawn and of course a human, this book is a celebration of life and babies and all the unique things about each of them. It celebrates just how precious, special and unique each individual baby is as well as the things that they say and do.

Adorable large pictures on white pages with ‘special’ words highlighted in colour add to the beauty of this book.


A Hare A Hound And Shy Mousey BrownA Hare, a Hound and Shy Mousey Brown Julia Hubery (LittleHare)

… and these are the three stars of this delightfully rolling verse. Mousey Brown is a mouse and she is very tiny and her heart goes pitter-pat-pounding with love for the daring and flair of the hare. The hare is wondrously wild and fearlessly free and unaware of Mousey Brown’s affection. The hound is a dog, just biding his time until the uppity hare comes a little too close. When hare does get a little close and entwined in all sorts of trouble of course it’s shy Mousey Brown who comes to her rescue with amazing courage.

Lovely illustrations that are perfectly matched to the beautiful verse. A glorious book that must be read aloud.


I Love You TooI Love You Too! Stephen Michael King (Scholastic)

It doesn’t matter what type of day it is … whether it is a sunny, big grassy hill day, or whether is is a windy stay inside day, or if it’s a rainy make paper boat day. It doesn’t matter if the word has blue skies, or grey skies because whatever the weather this book celebrates love and how the people we love make the world a beautiful place.

Stephen has created more adorable characters. This beautiful book, illustrated with water colours and ink, needs to be shared with loved ones both young and not so young.


Board Books for the Young

Here are beautiful new board books that really should be in every young child’s library. They are crafted from solid board and just perfect for baby and toddler hands starting to grasp book independence and for starting to learn to count, to say the alphabet, to recite the first words or for learning opposites.

I Love My ABC and I Love My 123 Anna Walker (Scholastic)
Starring the gorgeous Ollie from Anna Walker’s I Love Ollie series of books come these brand new board books I Love My ABC and I Love My 1,2,3.
In ABC the letters are clearly formed in both upper and lower case and the characters easily identifiable with the other Ollie titles. Also great for encouraging talk between parent and child identifying the letters and the objects or animal with which they are associated.
In 123 again Ollie stars along with butterflies, beetles and host of other animals as well as a pair of gum boots and a few plants. A lovely addition to the usual counting book appears on the final spread where all the characters or objects counted previously return in their appropriate numbers to be identified in the garden by the reader.

Snugglepot and Cuddlepie Present First Words May Gibbs (Scholastic)
Generations of children have grown up with the May Gibbs classic Australian bush characters from the Gumnut Babies and with these new board books a new generation can join in. 
In First Words each page features a Gumnut Babies character or plant and introduces appropriate words like hello, smile, food, walk, cuddle and goodnight. Each page features classic Gumnut Babies characters and plants with large sized lower case words and ample white space.
Royalties from the titles go to the Cerebral Palsy Alliance and the Northcott Society.

Also available Colours, 1, 2, 3, and First Words

Picture Book Treats for Youngsters

Fearless Colin Thompson & Sarah Davis (ABC Books)
Lots of folks think bulldogs are scary looking animals … so naming a bulldog Fearless would usually be just right. And just like people are sometimes given the wrong names it was especially the same with Fearless — Fearless wasn’t! If a car backfired in the street – so did Fearless. He knew there were scary things everywhere, like dangerous black handbags and stairs and monsters! But eventually Fearless does live up to his name when a not-too-nice visitor arrives at the house one night!
Kids will love the story and adore Sarah’s fantastic illustrations – especially of the dangerous monsters and the facial expressions of Fearless.

Ten Little Hermit Crabs Lee Fox & Shane McG (Allen&Unwin)
This is a delightfully bright counting book told in rhyming verse.
Ten little hermit crabs scuttle to the sea … and of course something happens and the ten become 9, the 9 become 8 and so it goes until there is just one little hermit crab sitting on the pier all alone. But that little hermit crab shouldn’t worry … all turns out well in the end when the nine reappear!
The illustrations are bright, especially with the hermit crab’s ever changing shells. And includes a nice note about hermit crabs in the world too. Great for youngsters starting to count and play.

To The Top End: Our Trip Across Australia Roland Harvey (Allen&Unwin)
Roland Harvey has been creating some of the best Australian picture books for ages and this one continues his outstanding tradition. Readers of all ages will delight in pouring over the illustrations examining all the action on the pages as they follow the twisty windy words.

This time the family is off on an adventure travelling from Tassie to the very tip of The Top End. And of rouse there are happenings in each of the environments that they visit. Lots of jokes in the illustrations too (beginning with the scale of the map on the end papers) … and there is a football to find in every illustration – I missed one or two!

Halloween In Christmas Hills: The Legend of Stingy Jack Karen Tayleur & Heath McKenzie (blackdogbooks)
Just in time here comes this funny picture book. Everyone in the Johnson family has a favourite holiday and come Halloween time they all dress up and go trick or treating and for the first time Miles gets to join in! They can visit all the neighbour’s houses in the street … except for Stingy Jack’s house. But Cameron doesn’t listen and rings the doorbell and doesn’t run away! When stingy Jack opens the door Cameron is in for a really big surprise.

What Will Baby Do? Mike Dumbleton & Craig Smith (Working Title Press)
A beautiful rhyming picture book that is just great for babies and their parents to read and read and read again. It features the important things in a baby’s day – eating, bathing, going on an outing, sleeping … and of course being loved.
Bib … Bowl … and small spoon, too. Now what will baby do?

Delilah’s Dream Ian Trevaskis & Janine Dawson (New Frontier)
Delilah is a hen and she dreams of adventure but her sisters in the coop laugh at her dreams. Still Delilah continues dreaming and one night, when Delilah senses an intruder is coming to threaten their existence she puts her dreams into actions and it is Delilah the dreamer who saves the coop!
With delightful bright illustrations this a lovely tale of dreams coming true and friendship.

Grandpa Baby Margaret Wild & Deborah Niland (Penguin)This wonderful storyteller and illustrator have teamed up to create a picture book that grandpas and their grandkids are just going to love.While Georgie’s parents are at work she is looked after by grandpa but one day their roles are reversed and it is Georgie who decides that he is big enough to look after grandpa. Soon Grandpa baby is doing all the things that little kids love to do with their grandparents … like walking on the fences and pressing traffic light buttons and hanging on the monkey bars. When Grandpa Baby trips over and hurts his knee, it’s Georgie who kisses it better but when grandpa baby stops halfway to home Georgie has to be creative to get them both home. Just beautiful.

Glorious picture books to share with younger readers.

Picture Books Galore (mostly for the young)

Lots of wonderfully delightful picture books have been hitting the shelves. They are great for sharing at any time of the day.

Sophie Bakes a Cake Tina Burke (Penguin Books)
Sophie and her cheeky doll Scarlett are helping to bake a cake. With all the ingredients ready she prepares the mixture but along to way Scarlett informs Sophie that the cakes needs some extra ingredients … like vegemite and peanut butter and a green crayon and Sophie of course adds the extras. Together they watch the cake bake and then its time for tasting. How will this special cake taste? Sophie is gorgeous and this is a yummy story!

Big Red Hen and the Little Lost Egg Margaret Wild & Terry Denton (Penguin Books)
Big Red Hen loves looking after everyone else’s babies but she longs for her very own baby to look after and kiss goodnight! One morning when she was scratching for seeds she found some hay and in that hay was a warm egg. She sets out to discover the egg’s owner but when no owner is found the other adult birds decide that big red hen is the best one to look after it! She decides that she will love the baby no matter what type of bird it is but when it hatches she is in for a very big surprise. This is a tender loving story of unconditional love.

The Two-Hearted Numbat Ambelin Kwaymullina & Ezekiel Kwaymullina (Fremantle Press)
A beautiful story with stunning and vibrant illustrations. Numbat has two hearts, one of feather (making him soft and gentle but exhausted from helping others) and one of stone (making him powerful and strong but tough). But having two hearts was troublesome so Numbat sets out on a journey to find out which heart to keep. Eventually he discovers the truth about strength and about gentleness and what his true heart really is.

Double Trouble Deborah Niland (Penguin Books)
The perfect book for twins and the perfect book for exploring the wonderful chaos of the daily life of twins.
There’s double trouble in the morning and double trouble getting dressed. There’s double trouble at breakfast and playing and all through the day. so much trouble is there that at night time mummy is all worn out and falls asleep … but there’s still a little more double trouble!

Sunday Chutney Aaron Blabey (Penguin Books)
Imagine living all over the world. Sunday chutney does and it is the most extraordinary life. It would be great, new places, new people and new schools … but being the new kid in school – that isn’t so much fun. And not living in the same home – well she doesn’t care about that, there are so many good things to do … or does she? A lovely book from the creator of Pearl Barley.

Pilgrim Jo Oliver (New Frontier)
This is a story about a boy and his father and sharing their first sea adventure together. The boy unsure of the adventure ahead relies on the strength of his father who reassures and protects his son.
It is also the story of love and family and memories, of remembrance and of returned soldiers and the places they have been – and of coming safely back home.

DO grab some of these lovely books and enjoy the time sharing them!

Books for Babies and the Very Young

Recently a few books for babies and the very young, especially board books have come across my desk. These books are strong enough to survive investigative teeth, gums and messy fingers and of course focus on the child.

So, have a look at these:
Playmates Jane Tanner (Puffin)
A beautiful book about a young boy Ben, his best friend teddy and the new puppy dog which changes the relationship – but just for a while! This book about sharing and friendship. It has minimal text and is perfect for pre-schoolers.
Cuddle Time Libby Gleeson & Julie Vivas (Walker Books)
Two award winning picture book creators have crafted this title.What do two toddlers do in the early morning when mum and dad are asleep. They visit the monster’s cave that is their parents bedroom and when the monsters rise it is time to jump and roll and paly and it is also Cuddle Time.
The Midnight Feast Margaret Wild & Ann James (ABC Books)
What do cheeky babies do when they can’t sleep at midnight? They raid the fridge, meet at the middngiht Cafe and feast and party and play dress-ups with the food with other babies. Then just before sunrise, they all say goodbye and waddle home.
A glorious celebration of babies and food!