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Board Books

Sorry (Cheeky Monkey Manners series), Lisa Kerr (Five Mile Press)

cheeky-monkey-manners-sorryCheeky Monkey loves birthday parties and when he is invited to Georgina Giraffe’s party he knows just what needs to be done. He blows out the candles. He opens the presents and he is the first to pin the tail on the donkey. The problem is that this is not his birthday party. It was Georgina’s giraffes’ birthday party and Cheeky Monkey was the first to do all these things.

How does Cheeky Monkey rectify his display of bad manners? How does Cheeky Monkey say Sorry!

In this series (four title so far including Please, Thank You, Excuse Me) –  Cheeky Monkey learns about manners. And it is with eh help of the village of animals that help this him learn all about life

These hardcover board books, each with a few pages, are just right for little hands and a fun way to introduce manners in book form. The characters are amusing and colourful.


garden-friendsGarden Friends (Touch and Feel Series) Natalie Marshall (Five Mile Press)

For the very young children … here is a lovely touch and feel book that will have the young exploring. Solid text and bright bold blocks of colours are part of each page … along with the sensory component – felted, shiny or raised textures. The story is simple and should engage reader and child with further talk with he actions for each animal being easily recognised.

What are the garden friends doing today?



Board Books for the Young

Here are beautiful new board books that really should be in every young child’s library. They are crafted from solid board and just perfect for baby and toddler hands starting to grasp book independence and for starting to learn to count, to say the alphabet, to recite the first words or for learning opposites.

I Love My ABC and I Love My 123 Anna Walker (Scholastic)
Starring the gorgeous Ollie from Anna Walker’s I Love Ollie series of books come these brand new board books I Love My ABC and I Love My 1,2,3.
In ABC the letters are clearly formed in both upper and lower case and the characters easily identifiable with the other Ollie titles. Also great for encouraging talk between parent and child identifying the letters and the objects or animal with which they are associated.
In 123 again Ollie stars along with butterflies, beetles and host of other animals as well as a pair of gum boots and a few plants. A lovely addition to the usual counting book appears on the final spread where all the characters or objects counted previously return in their appropriate numbers to be identified in the garden by the reader.

Snugglepot and Cuddlepie Present First Words May Gibbs (Scholastic)
Generations of children have grown up with the May Gibbs classic Australian bush characters from the Gumnut Babies and with these new board books a new generation can join in. 
In First Words each page features a Gumnut Babies character or plant and introduces appropriate words like hello, smile, food, walk, cuddle and goodnight. Each page features classic Gumnut Babies characters and plants with large sized lower case words and ample white space.
Royalties from the titles go to the Cerebral Palsy Alliance and the Northcott Society.

Also available Colours, 1, 2, 3, and First Words

Board Books

Snugglepot and Cuddlepie Present 1 2 3, and
Snugglepot and Cuddlepie Present Colours May Gibbs (Scholastic)
Board books are very special and a beautiful start to the world of books.
Featuring the May Gibbs Gumnut Babies these two new titles are gorgeous and will introduce May Gibbs to a new generation of young australians.
Both titles have short phrases
Three buzzing bugs,
Seven floating flowers
Black spider weaves
Red ladybird crawls
… across the lower board with the illustrations above. The numbers title also showing the appropriate number.
Royalties from both titles go to two charities: the Cerebral Palsy Alliance and the Northcott Society.


When Coco Was a Kitten Deborah Niland (Puffin)
One of the titles in the Puffin Baby series this series of solid board books is great for little hands to grasp and explore and little eyes to be amazed by the bright colours. Simple story lines make these books really great starters.
In this title Coco the kitten is cuddly, fun and full of mischief. But a kitten doesn’t stay little and soon grows up to be a big cat and do all the things that grown up cats do – although some things don’t change.
Perfect for sharing.


A short break these past few weeks but back we are again with lots of new books:

Smart Babies: Mummy’s Little Zoo Babies (blackdogbooks),
These two delightful board books in the Smart Babies series have lovely photographs of baby animals – and most people just love going ‘ah’ over cute baby animals.
In Mummy’s Little Zoo Babies they are the are the fiercest, strongest, and bravest in the zoo as long as mum’s around while in Mummy’s Little Farm Babies the animals are spending time with friends even if things are quite perfect!

Gorilla Book: Born to be Wild Dr Carla Litchfield (blackdogbooks)
For children (and adults) who love animal books this is delightful one about gorillas. Simply told this brief book is full of information about gorillas.
With maps, breakout boxes, amazing pictures of gorillas, succinct double page information spreads each focussing on a different aspect of gorillas and gorilla life, a glossary and index, this is an easy to read book that will really get younger readers interested in this great ape.

Explorers: Filling in the Map of Australia Chris Miles (blackdogbooks)
How did the puzzle of Australia get put together by the early European explorers? This book will tell you how. Simply told in easy to read double page spreads this book puts the pieces to the jigsaw puzzle of the mapping of Australia’s. Who were the explorers? What did they discover and how did it fit into the puzzle … this and lots more is in this book!

Non-fiction books are not just for education … they are also just wonderful to read and devour! Enjoy!

Picture Books for Younger Readers

Picture Books are wonderful to share with big and small hands, or read alone in a quiet time. Here are recent publications.

Ruby Makes A Friend Tina Burke (Penguin Books)
Tina burke creates beautiful picture books and this one continues the tradition. When Ruby’s big brother leaves for his first day at school a new friend, Milo appears for Ruby … and a wonderful time begins. They play chaseys and fancy dress; have tea and cake, and draw and heaps of other fun. And when Ruby goes to school … so does Milo! Together they meet Jacinta and her best friend Boris (a friendly bear) and together they share adventures until Ruby and Jacinta build a cubby house – big enough for just the two of them!A loving story of imagination and friendship.

Norman Enormous Dave Hackett (Penguin Books)
An enjoyable picture book told in rhyming verse about friendships and difference … The book stars two Normans one enormous and one not-so-enormous. Norman Enormous is lonely so decides to choose someone to invite to afternoon tea … and that chance choosing finds Norman no-so-enormous. As the Normans gather they are both a little worried because they are soooo different. And things don’t go too well to start with but when not so enormous Norman starts conversation these two Norman’s have a great time!

The Wrong Book Nick Bland (Scholastic)

Have you ever tried to tell a story and been interrupted only to resume and then be interrupted again? Well that is what is happening to Nicholas Ickle. Each time he starts to tell the story his is interrupted by characters form other stories including an elephant, a monster, a pirate, a queen and other invited guests. He tells each uninvited visitor that they are in the wrong book and to Go Away! but they stay around.Great illustrations and fun text.

Bananas in Pyjamas by Carey Blyton (ABC Books)
B1 and B2 are back in a brand new edition of the original Banana’s song. Kids will love it!

Play School Come and Play – Alphabet (ABC Books)
This is a wonderful sturdy board book for very young hands to grasps and explore. the perfect way to learn the letters of the alphabet in a fun and simple way with Play School.

My Memory Scrapbook With Dorothy the Dinosaur The Wiggles (ABC Books)
Dorothy the dinosaur had such fun making the memory book that she returns this time to create a memory scrap book. With spaces for children to stick in their favourite photos of families, and houses and friends and lots more; and places to stick in other special memories; and spaces to draw pictures this is a fun book to make full of memories.

Fairy Dancing Jen Watts ABC Books.
Little girls love fairies and this lovely TV tie-in book will show them all about fairy dancing and how it is done. The book has simple instructions and photographs of fairies dancing the proper steps so that young fairies will all want to copy the Fairies with Fairy Dancing — just like they do on The Fairies TV series and the DVDs.

Enjoy these picture books, share them and explore the fun of reading.