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It’s Christmas

A bundle of wonderful new picture books and junior fiction titles – even a joke book – have hit the shelves this Christmas ….

my-merry-christmasMy Merry Christmas Rosie Smith & Bruce Whatley (Scholastic)

Lovingly told this is the simple story of coming together at Christmas time.

From choosing the tree and decorating the tree to wrapping presents, hanging stockings and singing carols this picture book is about the rituals of gathering and preparing for Christmas. Full page illustrations beautifully crafted with Bruce’s delightful animals accompany Rosie’s simple, sparse but well chosen text on the opposite page. This picture book is a celebration of the fun and joy of coming together at Christmas time.

Perfect for the very young.


christmas-surpriseChristmas Surprise Yvette Poshoglian & Danielle McDonald (Scholastic)

The latest in the Ella and Olivia series finds the girls preparing for Christmas … it is their favourite time of year with puddings cans and christmas decorations. there are decorations to be hung on the tree but when it comes time of hanging the Christmas star a little tussle results in a broken star. and then there are the Christmas presents and their secret plan to open their presents a little early. Will that ruin Christmas!

Do check out the Ella and Olivia website at for games and lots more!


redcap-s-christmasRedcap’s Christmas Sue Cason & Ben Wood (Scholastic)

Redcap is an elf who really really really wants to work in Santa’s workshop so he sets off for the North Pole to seek a job and hopefully meet santa. But there is a flashing sign in the window – No Workers Wanted! but all is not lost for right at that moment one of the workers is dismissed. Soon Redcap has the job and is fixing the Bubblemaker machine! But still Redcap has to meet Santa and his new friend Jellybean is no help. There is a rowdy workshop pet, the icy North Wind, and oh no – the Christmas List goes missing all of which involved Redcap.

A junior hardback chapter book that is a fun Christmas read liberally sprinkled with illustrations.


my-christmas-crackersMy Christmas Crackers Bronwen Davies (Scholastic)

Why does Santa always come down the chimney?
What do monkeys sing at Christmas time?
What do elves learn at school?
What is Santa’s dog called?
And a heap or other Christmas jokes fill the pages of this illustrated book of Christmas jokes – perfect for all young comedians!


blossom-possum-and-the-christmas-quackerBlossom Possum and the Christmas Quacker Gina Newton & Christina Booth (Scholastic)

It was Christmas Eve down under,
Koala Claws’ last stop for the night.
‘I’m sooo hot and tired,’ he thought.
‘A quick nap will see me right.’

This is the opening stanza of this partly rhyming picture book where Father Christmas, a koala, decides to take a nap before the long journey of delivering presents all around the bush. So Blossom Possum and her Australian bush friends try everything they can to wake Koala Claws, but he remains sleeping. Qwhat can the animals do to save Bush Christmas? Originally drawn by the late Kilmeny Niland, Christina Booth now has added her own touch to bringing the characters to a new audience.


the-twelve-days-of-christmasThe Twelve Days of Christmas Karen Erasmus (Lothian)

This picture book is a retelling of the beloved 12 Days of Christmas carol. It is created here in its original form with pen and ink wash illustrations placing the book in a very modern setting. A beautiful addition to this book is the sparkling cover with embossed text.

The final page also includes the words and music.


Christmas Gift Ideas

Need some last minute Christmas ideas? Well maybe some of these books will help.
These are some of my favourites that crossed my desk … some recent and some from earlier in the year.

Hello God Moya Simons & Lisa Coutts (Harper Collins)
A beautiful book about a girl and her conversations with God. Questions are posed, discussions (although one sided) are entered into, and importnat issues like birth and death and God are covered. When Kate’s new friend Stephanie falls ill some very deep conversations occur.

The Pixie O’Harris Fairy Book (PanMacmillan)
This gift book – a classic treasury of Pixie O’Harris’ most popular stories and poems is perfect for any special occassion. It has eight colour plates and black and white illstrations. Many adults grew up with the stories and illustrations crafted by Pixie o’Harris and a new generation of aussies can do so once again.

That’s Why I Wrote This Song Susanne Gervay (Harper Collins)
This is a brillinatly crafted gritty Young Adult book, especially for girls and especially for those who love music. It comes with a website link to free downloads of two songs with lyrics written by Susanne’s daughter Tory. It is the story of four teenage girls and their sometimes uneasy family lives. The girls are united by one cause – their passion for music.

Really Really Pearlie Wendy Harmer Mike Zarb & Gypsy Taylor (Random House)
This is a hardback compilation of three earlier Pearlie titles. Great for younger readers who want a book with colour and easy reading text. Includes Pearlie and the Christmas Angel surely making this one to stick under the tree!

Cedar, Seals and Whaling Ships John Nicholson (Allen&Unwin)
For readers who love non-fiction this book about Australia’s early white settlers is one they can devour. it describes those early days and the first attempts to make Australia a trading nation … using the cedar and seal resources. Great information about whaling and the trading practises, the town and the industries, and the people involved in the trade.

Hope that your Santa stockings are filled with lots of wonderful Aussie Christmas books.