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Pearl & Detectives

Pearl Verses the World Sally Murphy & Heather Potter (Walker Books)
This short verse novel is tenderly written, lovingly created so that the reader is drawn right into this story. A few adult tears might even be shed.
Pearl is a young girl who lives in a loving household but her life is getting very complicated. Her adored grandmother has dementia and is dying and at school she has problems too – she doesn’t fit into any of the groups, she is in a group of one and her teacher wants the class to write rhyming poems. Pearl’s poems don’t rhyme! And when her grandmother does die all Pearl wants is that life would return to the way it was.
This is a story of loneliness, loss, but also of the continuation of life.

Bad News for Milk Bay Moya Simons (Walker Books)
I just love this series and this title continues the great action of the earlier titles of the Walk Right In Detective Agency. They are fun titles with plenty of action that kids will feel confident in reading and will want more!!
David is forced to go to the council meeting with his father where he hears some bad news … Milk Bay is going to be destroyed by developers — at least that is what some people think. Others think that development is good. The news the invesitgators’s hear us that their muffin making ‘friend’ Mr Brown is selling up and moving to a nursing home … which doesn’t seem right for him! But when David discovers that the nephew is doing the dealing then mischief is afoot. The agency needs to get to the bottom of this investigation – and they also get to provide their professional assistance at the supermarket too when the owner asks for their help in tracking down the person responsble for half-eating chocoltate bars!
Junior investigators will enjoy the read!