Australia’s Greatest Inventions & Innovations

Australia's Greatest Inventions & InnovationsWritten with Linsay Knight in association with the Powerhouse Museum
Random House Australia 2012
ISBN 9781742755649

Hills Hoists, Vegemite and the Victa lawnmower – everyone knows they’re Australian inventions, but what many people don’t know is that we also have Australians to thank for the invention of Wi-Fi, for the Betacheck Blood Glucose Monitor, for dual-flush toilets, for spray-on skin for burns victims and for baby safety capsules.

These are just a few of the inventions created by clever Australians trying to solve problems. Now, with the help of the Powerhouse Museum, all Australians can read about them in this inspiring new book. Discover our nation’s most ingenious inventions, read about their makers, and learn how to turn a bright idea into a useful creation.


  •  Nominated – IMAGinE awards, Museum and Galleries Association of NSW, 2013

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