Locally Wild

Locally WildPluto Press 2007
ISBN 9780980292459

This pet care book features the usual stars … fish, birds, mammals and even some reptiles … but they are not your often kept fish, birds and mammals. This is not your ordinary everyday pet care book. No way … this book is about keeping amazing pets like lizards and snakes and possums and gliders and frogs and stick insects. Come and meet the common and not-so-common Aussie animals that might just become your next pet.

When we think of pets we usually think of dogs and cats but native animals can become unique family members as well. Wherever you live in Australia there are native animals that can be looked after as pets. There will also be wild animals living locally that you can attract to your yard by creating the types of habitats in which they live. Whether you have a big backyard full of trees, live in an apartment three floors up or want to get into a community or school project, you’ll find an animal to suit you. It’s easy when you know how.

You’ll find out what animals you can keep and whether you need a licence or not in your state where they can live and how to keep them happy and healthy. And there’s loads of information at the back of the book to make it all easy.
So go locally wild!!!