Stuck for a story idea?

Well what about trying these:

During 1999 there was a lot of talk about crazy things happening when the clock changed from 1999 to 2000 at midnight. The lights stayed on, the water still ran, the electricity still worked, and the automatic teller machines in the banks still spat out only the money we asked for. Everything kept working the way that it was supposed to. Just imagine, though if things started to go CRAZY. What would have happened if the lights went out, the water just dripped and there was no electricity?

You might have heard stories about crazy scientists and the things that they do – why not write about it. Maybe you are a scientist who creates a giggle formula, or a crying mixture, or silly drinks, or backwards medicine. Or maybe you are a scientist who performs experiments that always goes wrong. Write a story about what you make, about what it does … and how you fix the problem – or maybe you don’t.

Watch your teacher in the classroom and see what they do. Watch the way your teacher holds their hands, or maybe it’s the way they point to things. Maybe they continually say something really funny (like ‘cool bananas’) that they don’t realise makes you giggle inside (and out). Write down what it is that is so strange. Now you have a story about someone who does really strange things, (but don’t mention your teacher’s name because they might get a bit embarrassed when you describe how their ears move up and down when they frown).

What is it that makes you laugh the most? What is it that makes you laugh so hard that your stomach and your sides hurt and tears well up in your eyes? There’s an idea to write about … but you might want to change the characters so that when your friends or your teachers read those ideas they won’t keep trying to make you laugh all the time. Laughing is great but not when it makes you ache all over.

Now you all probably know the story of Cinderella and her fairy godmother. Well what would happen if the Cinderella was a fella (boy) and the fairy godmother was a godfather? There’s an idea – twist those tales. There are many tales you can twist.

What about this idea – you wake up in the morning and as you start your day you suddenly realise that everything you do you are doing backwards. You put on your clothes outside in, your socks are over your shoes and your underwear is on display for everyone to see. You eat your toast and then swallow some jam (and then you jump down and up to mix it all down). You walk backwards to school with your backpack on your chest. What happens on this very backwards day?
What would happen on a day when your ears that were there on the side of your head just a few nanoseconds ago have all of a sudden gone missing? How do you hear? How do you explain the disappearance of your ears to your friends and family? But even worse than that, how do you keep your glasses on your head?

You might hear people say ‘your feet smell’ or ‘my nose is running’; well just imagine if your feet could smell or your nose could run. What craziness would that bring? What would you look like? What would you be able to do? Can you think of other phrases and sayings that are not quite right?