What people have said about the visits


Thank YOU for the fabulous visit yesterday – I have been inundated with people (both students and teachers) telling me how much they enjoyed it! Stage 2 students were enthralled by your wild animal stories and have been lining up to borrow your books, especially Python. Stage 3 students were also captivated by your Australian history talk and the teachers were truly impressed with how well your books The Melting Pot and New Gold Mountain would support the Australian Curriculum History units.
Your background as a teacher was evident in your ability to captivate the attention of large groups of children. The way you moved through the crowd and kept them involved was wonderful.
From a Teacher Librarian perspective – your easy-going nature made the visit a pleasure to organise and I particularly loved that you reinforced the importance of research and utilising your library! Your enthusiasm for your job is contagious and I’m sure you have inspired many a future author and storyteller. Many thanks!
Ali Webster, Teacher Librarian, Chatswood Public School


Thank you so much for today! The students had a ball and we teachers had a fantastic time as well… I think it is time to dust off the ideas journal.
Rene Nakhoul, Religious Education Coordinator, St Joachim’s Catholic Primary School

Chris, thanks for being an awesome Australia Day Ambassador for us at Palerang this year. Your keynote address was both inspiring and informative – we now know lots more about you and your amazing work and how much Australia Day means to you. We are honoured that you and Bini shared your time with us at our three events. You are a wonderful communicator with young and old!
Debby Ferguson, Manager Executive Services, Palerang Council


“Christopher Cheng held an assembly of my 5th-8th graders rapt with his enormously entertaining tales of bats, snakes and other zoo wildlife.”
Jennifer Hubert Swan, Middle School Librarian & Library Department Chair, Little Red School House & Elisabeth Irwin High School, New York

When Christopher Cheng, the author of PYTHON, visited the Bank Street School for Children in February, he had the 7s/8s crawling on their stomachs like pythons (to demonstrate their “vestigial legs”) and spreading their fingers like a bat’s talons. His interactive approach gave children a deeper understanding of nature and its inhabitants.
Jennifer M. Brown, interim director of the Center for Children’s Literature at the Bank Street College of Education.

Thanks again for being an AMAZING Books in Homes Role Model! We love having Chris as a Books in Homes Role Model. Chris does an amazing job of captivating the kids. We are very grateful for your support and we are very lucky to have you as an Ambassador for Books in Homes.
Laura Hodgson, National Schools’ Coordinator, Books in Homes Australia

“The Book Giving Assembly was brilliant. We had a great time. Chris was fantastic! He had every child’s attention. The kids were really intrigued by him and asked lots of questions. The kids were thrilled with their books. They love them.”
Cristina Malss, Teacher Educator, St John’s Primary School Auburn

We loved you being part of ALIA too and I have received great feedback about including you and John Birmingham in the program, as authors and as publishers.
Jane Cowell, Director, Regional Access and Public Libraries, State Library of Queensland

Another recent highlight was the visit to the school of children’s’ picture book author ChristopherCheng who entertained all of Year 7 with his informative chat about his work. He certainly inspired them to go about their picture book assessment task with enthusiasm and rigour.
Mr Fischer, Newtown High School of the Performing Arts.

“Thanks for inspiring our kids today! During your talk, one of our teachers was due to go off on a break, he decided to stay because he too was being inspired :-)”
Linda Blake, Teacher Librarian, Hurstville South Public School

It was a delight to listen to your stories. In fact, I realized it was the energy with which you kept changing your pitch and the decibel levels, that made it so very interesting!! One moment you were in the midst of the students on stage and the next you were among the children sitting in the auditorium. Thank you for accepting our invitation to be among us. Please do visit our school whenever you come back to India.
Ms Seema Sapru, Principal, The Heritage School, Kolkata.

and earlier:

“The insights on reading, writing and teaching that Chris Cheng so generously shared during panel discussions in the Manila International Literary Festival and his school visit to one of the Chinese schools here have opened people’s minds on how they can mine the richness of Philippie culture and the many aspects of the Filipino identity to create and share wonderful stories Filipino children will love for all time – the way he’s doing it for the children of Australia.”
Andrea Pasion-Flores, Executive Director, National Book Development Board (Philippines)

“What a great night, Chris rolled up his jeans and dived right into the beach party theme. Our young adults really enjoyed his visit. Everyone is raving about your visit.”
Claire Stuckey, the Signing Librarian, Gosford Libraries

“Hi there Chris, Thank you again for your visit. Feedback has been very positive, you were a big hit!”
Janet Marie, Holy Family Primary School, Emerton.

“Just wanting to say thanks for the session in Toowoomba. Have tracked down some of your books for the school and love the teacher notes for One Child.”
Colleen Dunn, St George State School, Queensland.

“Your presentation was captivating and your enthusiasm contagious. You inspired our students to think, imagine and write. We greatly appreciate the time you have taken to share your love of books with us. Our students with glasses still talk about the magic and fun they have seeing inside other peoples brains! P.S. Your video clip demonstrating how to create your own narrative has inspired many teachers to do the same in their classroom. THANK YOU!”
Vivian Thompson, Assistant Principal, Chatswood Public School

I do like the way you give of yourself, take the kids in to your life. TEACHER LIBRARIAN


… and from the kids:

“Chris Cheng is an amazing writer. When he came to our school first we talked about his book, ‘Sounds Spooky’ then we planned some story ideas. I have an idea from the workshop that I’m going to turn into a book.” – BEN (10 yrs)

Chris Cheng’s workshop really helped me out and it was great because you got to plan ideas and the strategies he taught us really work. – SAMUEL (10yrs)

“He helped me express my feelings in words and stretch my ideas to make better stories. He made sure people ideas could really be turned into good writing.” – JULIETTE (10years)

Mrs Smith – I’ve been trying some of Mr Cheng’s ideas in my stories at home. I think they are working. – STUDENT

“I really enjoyed the way he kept everyone in the audience interested focused on many points in the time he was given.” – Connor Phillips, 6M.

“In my opinion, Chris Cheng maybe needed to cut his hair but I still thought he was a fabulous author and he had some interesting stories to tell us. I especially enjoyed when he told us about how he got to hold orang-utans!! He was heaps COOL!!!” – Abbie Kitchen, 6M

“The only words I’ve got for Christopher Cheng is WHAT A LEGEND!!!” – Maynard, 6M.