The Cheng Clan

My family is really special to me.

My wife is the most wonderful person. We met at university when we were studying teaching. She has taught many primary school grades and now she is a fantastic school teacher librarian.

We joined the throngs celebrating the 75th anniversary celebrations of the Sydney Harbour Bridge on Sunday March 18th 2007.

Bridge Walk

My relatives in Australia – my sister, my brother, my brothers-in-law and my sister-in-law, and their offspring and my father, my step-mother; my family in New Zealand – my sister, her husband and my niece; and then my extended family who live overseas. Being half Chinese I have lots and lots of relatives.

Family weddings and other celebratory occasions are a huge gathering! Here is how we have changed

The 4 Cheng KidsThe Cheng Clan

We are a close family and we do like to know what everyone else is doing. We all live in Sydney and get together for family happenings – birthday, feasts, festivities! It can be pretty chaotic and crazy then!

Growing up was great fun, going for family drives, visiting relatives and just being together. And school was fun too – sort of. I often escaped to the library, not to read, just to keep away from the troublesome ones (they were the bullies in school). I didn’t read a lot as a kid until I found what I really liked – the Biggles and the Hardy Boys books (I still have some of them on my bookshelf). Now when I read it is usually always an Australian children’s book.

Here is a photo of Father Mother and their first son at an official function. What a suit!

Dad, Mum and Me

The best day … well that would have to have been the day that I was married.

Our Wedding

And this is a photo of a very special person, my mother. She was a loving and caring person whom everyone just adored.

Mum and Me