Bear and Rat

Christopher Cheng, Illustrated by Stephen Michael King

Bear and Rat are the best of friends who do everything together, but Rat wonders if Bear will always be there to hold her hand, no matter what happens …


A powerful and uplifting story about loving friendship, even through the hardest of times.


A personal note from Christopher


Nearly all the pictures books that I write have a personal element to them, where something has had a direct impact on me ... and none will ever be more so than with this manuscript. When my beautiful wife Bini was diagnosed with cancer I needed some form of understanding, some comprehension, some way of relating to the new journey we were embarking on together, about the now, and about what might happen. And as a writer for kids, creating this story was the only way I had of working through this, or expressing my thoughts and feelings. And the characters ... they are very personal too, as Bini’s favourite has always been the Rat, mine of course is Bear.





Copyright © 2019-2021 Christopher Cheng

Copyright © 2019-2021 Christopher Cheng