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We have now updated the book synopses for the new books coming in 2021 and 2022!


Christopher Cheng has 6 new picture books underway due for publication in 2021 and 2022 with the publishers Penguin Australia, Walker Books, NLA Publishing, CSIRO Publishing and WPC Kids.


Bear and Rat (Sneaking in 2021)



Bear and Rat are the best of friends but Rat wonders if Bear will always hold his hand, no matter what happens.


A story told as a beautifully honest conversation between two life-long friends.




Wombat (Slowly meandering in 2021)



Chris’ latest title in the award-winning Nature Storybook series, Wombat looks at the interesting way these animals burrow and defend their terrify. Christopher also wrote the shortlisted title Python.




The Imagineer (Manufactured in 2021)


Penny loves inventing and when she discovers her grandfathers shed, full of very many old and wonderful things, she sets about creating her most wonderful invention ever.




Moon Festival (Rising 2021)


Following on from New Year Surprise, Moon Festival is a story that celebrates family gatherings, lanterns, Mooncakes and other festival delicacies, and the autumn harvest - in a traditional Chinese family. With illustrations by Di Wu.




Pollination (Flying in 2022)


Pollination is critical for the preservation and the sustainability of our environment, for the plants and also the animals, both human and the animal alike. The animals (mostly) that pollinate plants through fertilisation are also facing many threats. This non-fiction exploration of pollination will address major questions such as: What happens, what is the most common form of pollination; Why is pollination essential for the environment; How does it impact humans; What are the threats to pollination and what's at risk?


Old Fellow (Will be a bit older by 2022)


An old man and an old dog look after each other on their daily trip to the local park where they meet a young boy who helps them on their way and brightens up their day.







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